Deciphering my Book Project

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These four pages from my cover are all images taken from students at Emily Carr that I photographed this spring. Erica’s painting on the cover page is virtually the same as her painting except that I rotated it. I uses Gil Sans font throughout the publication in various sizes, some italicized, some regular, some bold…Slight changes that did not diminish the continuity…My inside cover page used Scotts painting although I desaturated it to the extent that I could add legible writing yet still have a good visual of the painting…Inside the back cover (page 3) was one of my paintings, again slightly desaturated to read the printing…Page 4, the back cover was Thom’s painting or a close up of the whole in its original colours.

What I hoped to accomplish was a mini-time capsule of students and their work (in 2009) I wanted names and contact numbers to go along with the images so that one could at least have a head-start on finding some of these artists in the future. I hope to complete a more comprehensive one for 2010…


Student Yearbook Project

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Adobe Illustrator Project

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The Lower Nicola Valley Adventure

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Sunday I drove back from Kamloops to Merritt on the old route through the Nicola valley. This has to be the most beautiful ranch country in Canada and passes through many huge ranches including the Douglas Lake Ranch (reputedly owned now by one of the Walmart heirs. The road is well maintained and scenic but this morning just outside of Merritt there was a two car collision blocking the highway for hours. An old First Nations cowboy complete with spurs on his boots and pulling a horse trailer did not want to wait. He pulled his truck around and sped off back towards Nicola. A few of us in the line recognized him for a local who apparently knew of another route. We followed him up a one-lane dirt road that climbed and climbed through the heights of upper Nicola and through the Chutter Ranch grasslands. I passed him before we got too far but still had to eat the dust of the pick-up trucks ahead of me. The road got worse…large ruts. no gravel and boulders all over the road that threatened to knock off my oil pan. The switchbacks were the worst and there was absolutely no backing up. Occaisionally a vehicle came from the other direction and we all had to pull over onto the non-existent shoulder with steep gullies on our side. It would have been spectacular on any other day (with a jeep). The cows with their new calves were the only inhabitants who normally get the spectacular views. It did save hours of waiting time and was an exciting mini-adventure, plus I learned a new route.

Life of a Masterpeice

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Does anyone else watch this amazing television show “Life of a Masterpeice”? It is on channel 05, the Knowledge Network on Tuesdays at 9pm…This weeks show was on Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Painting(s) previous shows have been on Dali, Bernini and other artists. The format is to select a well known painting, follow it through the process of creation, the artist’s life at the time of painting it, what happened to it throughout the paintings history and any other socially significant meaning the paiting has had to the artist, the person or institute that owns it . Check it out. you will be hooked…


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My first project with Photoshop

Southwest Acrylic Painting

Southwest Acrylic Painting

Life size photo sculpture

Life size photo sculpture

Final Image

Final Image

Hot Weather here to stay?

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This was a perfect weekend. I was in the Okanagon for work and the hot weather and beaut scenery was just what the Doctor ordered. Vitamin D and the begining of a you know that a lot of the world lives in warmth like that everyday. Hawaii, Florida, Mexico. Most of Australia, Africa, the Carribean and lots of places in South America